I have included a few testimonies of some past students at Impact. They are so wonderful, powerful and very encouraging. Amazing testimonies of Gods Glory and Grace. Enjoy!


“Went to the local dump on Christmas day to be a blessing, giving them food, playing with the children and we were also so blessed by them. Started farming in our community as well.

This is all because of Impact”


Impact helped me get out of my comfort zone and face things head on showing me that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. It helped me get to know more of my identity in Christ. I learnt more things about myself and it helped me grow spiritually in a community of like-minded young people who are on fire for God.

EUGIE 2019

Impact really helped me build my confidence, it has helped me to see myself the way God sees me. It has brought / created amazing opportunities for me as a young person to help others find their purpose in Christ. I stayed on at Impact as an Intern and I now run the Admin and head up the Youth Kairos department at Impact.


Impact has helped me see that I can dream big in helping with the ministry and spreading the word of God. It also helped me gain myself confidence and realize that I am capable of doing everything / anything through Christ who gives me strength. I’ve grown so much spiritually and now know my purpose in Christ. I took a huge leap and applied for a position in the US as a au pair for a year. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Impact for giving me the confidence to follow this dream.


When I went home mid 2019 I taught the Anti-Bullying Campaign at some schools in Zimbabwe and also taught Farming Gods Way. Last year my Mom did the farming and people heard of her huge harvest. They all came for training and understood the concept. I stayed on at Impact to study to become a Pastor. Once I was ordained, I returned to Zimbabwe to find that almost every villager is doing Farming God’s Way! I’m seeing a divergence taking place in our country! Never underestimate the seeds you are planting at Impact. I have also mobilised 3 other young adults to start up chicken farming businesses of their own.


“What you are doing at Impact is an awesome ministry. You helped turn my son’s life around. I believe Impact is an open portal from heaven for restoration, purpose and learning.

…..I know that God placed this ministry in your lives for His Kingdom and He always provides so that His work can be accomplished. You are really doing a great job at Impact.”


Impact gave me a sense of direction in life. It helped me know God and understand people more. It was also an amazing learning experience in terms of cooking, evangelism and many other facets of life.


Impact has given me a way of seeing things, shown me a different and amazing perspective of life, gave me a reason for always looking forward and being confident and not forgetting having a much stronger relationship with God. Its amazing how things you have done in a year can contribute to the rest of your life.

3NIKKI 2020

I’ve asked God for many gifts, but the best one he ever gave me was my time at Impact. Not only did I learn a lot, I grew mentally physically and spiritually. My time at Impact not only was it a gift, it was a life changing experience. I would definitely recommend Impact to anyone. They really represent God’s heart for all nations. I came back to Impact to serve as an Intern and head up the Farming God’s Way project and serve as a mentor.

MIGUEL’S MOTHER 2020 (Miguel is wheelchair bound)

We can’t believe the change in Miguel. He said a speech one evening, sharing the Word. I am so proud of him he even did a prayer session at the neighbours and I was amazed at how much confidence he has now to speak to people.


The power the name IMPACT carries says it all. It made a huge difference in my life. Being accepted as everyone else, changed me to become a better child of God. I enjoyed everyday there. Coming home was so difficult because I felt like I found a family there. Was difficult to adjust knowing it came to an end. I enjoyed all that I learnt. There is just so much I could speak of that it actually leaves me speechless. Best year I had meeting friends more like family and knowing God better than before. Lifetime experience. Would do it again and again.

KHAYA 2020

Impact showed me the better way to do things and how to involve it in my life through Farming God’s Way, quiet time and strengthened my relationship with God.

LANCE 2020

Impact really gave me a new way of seeing things in life and how I should deal with them. Impact gave me a broader perspective on life and God being the no 1 priority in my life. My walk with God has definitely gotten stronger and still is and I’m forever grateful for all the teachings I’ve received. After my GAP year, I have gone on to serve a year as an Intern at Impact and have qualified as a Head Facilitator for Youth Kairos and I head up the music ministry.


Just want to thank you for the seeds sown into Courtney’s life through Impact.

She has grown spiritually and we are so grateful for what the Lord did in her life during her time there. Doors have opened for her with such great opportunities and she has experienced Gods favour. We believe that her time at Impact was Gods will and His perfect timing for her life and she will always hold dear the lessons learnt, friendships and memories made.

We believe God orchestrated this and we look forward to see how our ministries can collaborate in the future.


Thando is much more confident now and can now share her thoughts with us. Her tone when speaking with the kids is less harsh and has been spending time with us instead of being alone in the bedroom. Her growth is visible and so wonderful to see. How was such behaviour encouraged so that we can continue with that encouragement because I like who she has become.

Siya came back and blessed us with his special meals. We are so grateful for the opportunity that was given to them. Their confidence and growth is very much visible and we love that they could felt loved and accepted in a society that looks down on people with dyslexia and/or similar conditions. The new friends they made there did not once make them inferior and you can tell in the way they speak so fondly of them and the memories they shared. Thank you for this opportunity, it was and still is the highlight of their year ❤

ZAMOE 2021

I recently finished at Impact and went immediately to the local Orphanage to gain permission to run the Alpha course we learnt at Impact. They have not only given me permission to run the course, but after seeing my certificates, they have allowed me to run the whole youth ministry. Hopefully Kairos and Farming God’s Way to supply food for the Orphanage, is next. Thank you Impact!

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