Considering sending your child to a Christian GAP program?  Take a look at what IMPACT offers:


To introduce young adults to the adventurous journey of having a deeper relationship with God and to explore their options for their future.


Run as a 15 week program for 2025

This  program commences on the 3 February until the 16 May 2025.

Students are to be between the ages of 18 and 23 years of age.

This program is for Christian students wanting to explore their journey with God and how to be on Mission with Him.

There will be cross border mission trips and outreaches.

During this period they will complete and take part in the following:


Empowered to Influence – Simply Mobilizing

The Unfinished Story – Simply Mobilizing



Youth Kairos and Facilitator training – Simply Mobilizing           


Anti-Bullying Campaign


Farming God’s Way

Chicken farming

Bee farming


Cooking skills


Cooking on open fire

Making feta and butter








Water energy






  • Life-saving course
  • CPR Course – Certificate
  • Impact Leadership Course
  • Attend mission trips to Mozambique and other areas (Depending on Covid restrictions)
  • Attend a mission training weekend at the Drakensberg or Lesotho
  • Level 1 First Aid course – Certificate
  • Basic Mission Training course – Certificate


Learn the basics of:
  • Basic skills training
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Learn how to fund raise
  • Practical cooking sessions
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Health and food / nutrition
  • Crafts, music, dance, praise and worship
  • Building and repairing with limited resources
  • Basic event organising
  • Maintenance and mechanical issues that may arise
  • Assist with projects and events that take place at the mission station

Each student with do the following tests to determine their areas of gifting and Job evaluation:

 1.  Love Language assessment

 2.  Temperament Assessment

 3.  Find out their God given Gifts

 4.  Be assessed for their maturity level emotionally.

Each day will be different, but may look like the following program:
  • Wake
  • Exercise
  • Quiet time and Bible reading
  • Outdoor physical work at the project
  • Each day will incorporate the above courses training
  • Evenings will either be training or free time
  • Once a month there will be an adventurous outing
  • Each month there will also be opportunities for outreach trips and charity work


We run as many projects as our finances can permit, to introduce and expose our students to community needs and work.


Teaching students to farm with what nature supplies.  This technique is well suited to rural areas, Orphanages or back yards, where land space and financial resources are limited.

Once this technique and skill is learnt, students can help communities to produce their own crops to feed their families, villages, elderly and sell produce to bring in an income.

Incorporated in this way of farming is chicken, bees and worm farming as well as making organic compost. 


While teaching the students the foundations of Christian living according to the Bible, the students learn integrity, deal with past hurts and rejections and how to become responsible, well-adjusted members of society.

They complete several courses.  They then learn how to facilitate these courses themselves so they can teach them in churches, schools and at home.  All these courses assist attendees to deal with everyday issues and make paradigm shifts in their lives.

A huge component of what we teach at Impact is forgiveness.  Unforgiveness leads to bitterness and can ignite an attitude of hate and despair.  We work very hard on racial issues and reconciliation.

Of massive concern for us, is the depression and suicide rate amongst our young adults.  We deal with this internally with our students and then train them up in counseling other young adults at schools etc.


We help the Gideons to hand out Bibles to Grade 8 pupils in Gauteng.  Once we get into the school, we try to see where we can assist with basic amenities to bring dignity and pride to the learners and teachers alike.  Things like toilet doors, homemade chairs for lunch breaks, special areas for Bully Monitors etc.

This is a wonderful project for our own students to get involved helping the community and is vital to assist learners to see their value and hope for their futures.


We are involved in a project at the Sasol Dump.  We take food, blankets in Winter and assist with taking portable showers for the families who sort the items for recycling and sale at the dump.

This project touches our students in many ways.  They dance and sing and encourage all the residents and “businessmen” of the dump.


Impact has a mission station in Mozambique.  We try to go there 1 or 2 times a year to allow our students to put into practice what they have learnt with Farming.  This also exposes our students to conditions and needs elsewhere in Africa.

We also go into Lesotho and other regions to teach Farming and run other courses for the local communities.

We have two ex-students who are stationed in Zimbabwe now and have implemented, very successfully, the Farming God’s Way technique.  Many villages are now farming in this way and feeding large communities.


During the school holidays and some weekends, we offer camps for Bullied children and also separate camps for Bully children, as well as Church youth groups.

We suggest schools send their bully children to us as part of their suspension or warning process.  They are put through a series of activities and counseling sessions to try to assist with a paradigm shift in their attitudes and actions.

IMPACT GAP has such potential to turn out well-adjusted young adults, ready to make a difference by being the difference!

Each day will be different, but may look like the following program:
  • Wake
  • Exercise
  • Quiet time and Bible reading
  • Outdoor physical work at the project
  • Each day will incorporate the above courses training
  • Evenings will either be training or free time
  • Once a month there will be an adventurous outing
  • Each month there will also be opportunities for outreach trips and charity work


R15 000 for the 15 week program or R5000 a month for 3 months, which covers:

Accommodation, water and lights, all courses, certificates, outing a month, all meals and transport to events.  Two compulsory mission trips – one local and one cross-border / International.


R1500 non-refundable registration fee for admin costs, and all branded items:

1 T-shirt, 1 golf shirt, hoodie, cap, journal, file, pens and notepads and other admin/stationery items.


Each student can bring their own cold drink mix, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar for their room. Each student may bring their own iPad or laptop

Outings & Entertainment

Once a month there is an outing or activity. e.g. go-karting, hiking, white water rafting, camps, crafts, quad riding etc.

  • Small tuck shop on site for sweet extras.
  • Barge for river cruises
  • Canoes
  • Fishing
  • Swimming pool
  • Pool Table
  • Darts
  • Games room, pool table & darts
  • Bicycle riding (bring own bikes)
  • Braai area
  • Chess
  • Gym area
  • Volleyball court
  • Badminton court
  • Mini soccer field
Staff we have available:
  • 2 Pastors in attendance
  • Dr in Behavioural Sciences to teach
  • 1 Conference Organiser
  • A chef on hand to teach
  • A Mechanical Engineer to teach
  • Professional Dance and Singing instructress to teach
  • Owners are very experienced Mission trainers
  • Qualified Swimming Teacher to teach Life-saving and swimming
  • Qualified Facilitators to teach theology courses
  • Accredited CPR & First aid instructor

At the end of their GAP programs, your young adult will walk away with many certificates to be used either in the Corporate or Christian environment.  They will learn the values needed to persevere, work hard, take care of themselves, exercise discipline in following Jesus, in addition to gaining a huge insight into God’s heart for the Nations and their part or role in His Purpose for their lives.  Their confidence will increase tremendously, as they learn to facilitate some of the courses to other participants.



“Went to the local dump on Christmas day to be a blessing, giving them food, playing with the children and we were also so blessed by them. Started farming in our community as well.

This is all because of Impact”

EUGIE 2019

Impact really helped me build my confidence, it has helped me to see myself the way God sees me.  It has brought / created amazing opportunities for me as a young person to help others find their purpose in Christ.  I stayed on at Impact as an Intern and I now run the Admin and head up the Youth Kairos department at Impact.


Impact has helped me see that I can dream big in helping with the ministry and spreading the word of God.  It also helped me gain myself confidence and realize that I am capable of doing everything / anything through Christ who gives me strength.  I’ve grown so much spiritually and now know my purpose in Christ.  I took a huge leap and applied for a position in the US as a au pair for a year.  It was a wonderful experience.  Thank you Impact for giving me the confidence to follow this dream.


When I went home mid 2019 I taught the Anti-Bullying Campaign at some schools in Zimbabwe and also taught Farming Gods Way.  Last year my Mom did the farming and people heard of her huge harvest.  They all came for training and understood the concept.  I stayed on at Impact to study to become a Pastor.  Once I was ordained, I returned to Zimbabwe to find that almost every villager is doing Farming God’s Way!  I’m seeing a divergence taking place in our country!  Never underestimate the seeds you are planting at Impact.  I have also mobilised 3 other young adults to start up chicken farming businesses of their own.


“What you are doing at Impact is an awesome ministry.  You helped turn my son’s life around.  I believe Impact is an open portal from heaven for restoration, purpose and learning.

…..I know that God placed this ministry in your lives for His Kingdom and He always provides so that His work can be accomplished.  You are really doing a great job at Impact.”

NIKKI 2020

I’ve asked God for many gifts, but the best one he ever gave me was my time at Impact.  Not only did I learn a lot, I grew mentally physically and spiritually.  My time at Impact not only was it a gift, it was a life changing experience.  I would definitely recommend Impact to anyone.  They really represent God’s heart for all nations.  I came back to Impact to serve as an Intern and head up the Farming God’s Way project and serve as a mentor.

LANCE 2020

Impact really gave me a new way of seeing things in life and how I should deal with them.  Impact gave me a broader perspective on life and God being the no 1 priority in my life.  My walk with God has definitely gotten stronger and still is and I’m forever grateful for all the teachings I’ve received.  After my GAP year, I have gone on to serve a year as an Intern at Impact and have qualified as a Head Facilitator for Youth Kairos and I head up the music ministry.


Just want to thank you for the seeds sown into Courtney’s life through Impact.

She has grown spiritually, and we are so grateful for what the Lord did in her life during her time there. Doors have opened for her with such great opportunities and she has experienced God’s favour. We believe that her time at Impact was Gods will and His perfect timing for her life and she will always hold dear the lessons learnt, friendships and memories made.

We believe God orchestrated this and we look forward to see how our ministries can collaborate in the future.

ZAMOE 2021

I recently finished at Impact and went immediately to the local Orphanage to gain permission to run the Alpha course we learnt at Impact.  They have not only given me permission to run the course, but after seeing my certificates, they have allowed me to run the whole youth ministry.  Hopefully Kairos and Farming God’s Way to supply food for the Orphanage, is next.  Thank you Impact!


Send the filled in application form along with the online inquiry form on the contact us page.



We have a very comprehensive Anti-bullying program, which we take to schools to implement the principles of this paradigm shifting process.  Our students learn the whole procedure, become Facilitators and have a major part in this campaign.

The bullying in South Africa has reached crises levels and something must be done urgently.  The youth of South Africa is a sitting timebomb and measures must be taken to diffuse the growing dilemma.

Our campaign deals with the reasons behind the bully and the effects on the bullied.  We deal with cyber-bullying, verbal and physical, parent and teacher bullying, home and school bullying.  We also deal with the effects of bullying on the crime statistics of our country.

Statistics show that 1.2 million (reported) violent crimes each year in South Africa, are attributed to the demographic of 15 – 34 year olds.  This, unfortunately, are our young adults. 

Bullying starts as young as 10 years old and later, this develops a sharp lack of empathy and leads to physical abuse and is later carried into the workplace, communities, gender violence and violent crimes!

We sometimes arrange tours around South Africa to visit schools and do presentations about Bullying.

The Police Commissioner in Alberton is happy to come on board with our program, as are welfare workers, churches, teachers, parents, and the Police Forum.  The MP for basic education is very happy with our process and is ready to promote its implementation from Government level.  We also have a short course for Educators to learn the program.


For further information on the courses, our Affiliations, our Vision and Mission Statements or enrolment forms, please contact us by calling, emailing or filling in the online form

Contact Number

083 669 4440