The crime rate and classification of the crimes in South Africa shows a distinct lack of empathy, which is frightening and disturbing, as this leads to escalating, horrific violent incidences.

There are so many influencing factors to bullying, but the major ones are:

Being bullied at home or school

Lack of good father figures

Lack of supervision and discipline

Lack of hope

We must implement a system which assists the bully and the bullied, so they can become well-adjusted young adults and change the trajectory of their choices and the future of South Africa as a whole.

A child is not born a bully, circumstances, and ultimately, choices, produce bullies. The circumstances in South Africa is a breeding ground for unstable, violent children and consequently, violent crimes!

The crisis we face in South Africa, is a community problem now and every sector of our society should be involved and embrace a solution and partake in the process of healing our country.

This problem should not fall solely on the shoulders of the Education Department and schools. Crime affects every family, Government, home, business, church and resident of South Africa, therefore the solution should be shouldered by all South Africans!

The crisis of 2.1 million violent crimes a year in South Africa must be curtailed now, or we will be overrun by criminals, gangs and syndicates and have an extremely unbalanced and volatile situation.

It is time for our Schools to gain some well needed attention. The school premises and classrooms need to be updated. We cannot expect our children to behave like respectful young adults if we take their dignity away with sub-standard conditions in their environment.

The IMPACT ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN is aimed at creating a paradigm shift in the approach to BULLYING IN OUR SCHOOLS.